Everett Comment on Senate Bill 48

State Rep. Garth Everett comments about legislation that would address a looming issue with regard to voting machines across the state.

Impact Fee Press Conference

At a press conference held in Williamsport, Representatives Garth Everett and Jeff Wheeland join the Marcellus Shale Coalition to raise awareness of the community benefits the impact fee has throughout Pennsylvania.

Rep. Garth Everett Remarks on Bill Protecting Victims with Disabilities

Rep. Garth Everett makes comments on the House floor in support of his House Bill 503 which helps people with disabilities who are victimized to confront their abusers in court.

Everett Talks Election Security

Pa. State Rep. Garth Everett, flanked by fellow House members, comments about election security for Pennsylvanians.

Everett Comments On Intellectual Disabilities Bill

Pa. State Rep. Garth Everett speaks about HB 503 from the House floor and urges a NO vote on the amendment.

Everett Questions PSERS At Appropriations

Pa. State Rep. Garth Everett Questions testifiers from PSERS about the deficit acquired by the retirement system during the March 5th House Appropriations Budget hearings.

Everett Questions Game Commission Testifiers

Pa. State Rep. Garth Everett inquires Game Commission members about gun ranges throughout the Commonwealth.

Rep. Everett Questions Department Of Admin and Information Technology

Pa. State Rep. Garth Everett questions John MacMillan of the Dept. of Administration and I.T. about contract services during the February 25th House Appropriations hearings.

Everett Endorses State Budget Legislation

The state House today approved the general appropriations portion of the state budget package for the 2018-19 fiscal year. State Rep. Garth Everett discusses why he supported House Bill 2121, which now goes to the state Senate for consideration.

Protections For People Of Intellectual Disability

Pa. State Rep. Garth Everett supports House Bill 2325, a bill providing for procedures to protect victims and witnesses with intellectual disabilities or autism.