Fire Company, Volunteer Ambulance Service Grants Announced, Says Everett
HARRISBURG – Rep. Garth Everett (R-Lycoming) said today the Pennsylvania Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant program, funded by state gaming proceeds, has awarded more than $328,000 in funding to groups in the 84th Legislative District.

“This program is vital to our volunteer fire and ambulance companies, first responders who serve us well,” said Everett. “These are dedicated people who work very hard to keep up safe. These funds will assist in enabling the companies to keep operations running and make needed equipment upgrades, among other items. These organizations, sadly, have to spend a lot of time raising funds to continue to do their work. I am grateful they are getting this funding.”

The grant award program is administered by the Pennsylvania Office of the Fire Commissioner, part of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA).

Everett said the funds can be used to address a number of needs, including training, equipment repair and purchases, building or renovating a fire or ambulance company facility and debt reduction.

Here is a list of the grant awards:

• Citizens Hose Company of Jersey Shore - EMS, $7091.49; fire, $13,619.31.
• Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 - $12,323.21.
• Eldred Township Fire Company- EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $13,619.31.
• Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department - EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $13,133.27,
• Independent Hose Company No. 1 of Jersey Shore - $12,650.48.
• Lairdsville Community Volunteer Fire Company Inc. - $12,161.20.
• Montgomery Volunteer Fire Company - EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $13,458.11.
• Muncy Area Volunteer Fire Company - EMS, $14,182.81; fire, $27,239.43,
• Muncy Township Volunteer Fire Company, Pennsdale - EMS, $7,091.40, fire, $12,000,
• Nippenose Valley Volunteer Fire Company, Jersey Shore - $13,133.27.
• Picture Rocks Volunteer Fire Company- EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $12,000.
• Pine Creek Independent Volunteer Fire Company, Cammal - $12,323.21.
• Plunketts Creek Volunteer Fire Company, Williamsport - EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $12,000.
• Ralston Volunteer Fire Company - EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $12,323.21.
• Trout Run Volunteer Fire Company - EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $12,486.03
• Unityville Volunteer Fire Company - $12,000.
• Willing Hand Hose Company No. 1, Montoursville - EMS, $7,091.40; fire, $13,619.31.
• Woodward Township Volunteer Fire Company, Linden - $13,619.31.

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