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Weekly Legislative Report
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Legislative Report
#Listrak\DateStampLong# The latest news from the State Capitol

State Budget Address Starts the Process
The governor delivered his budget proposal for the 2019-20 fiscal year before a joint session of the General Assembly on Tuesday.

House Republicans have been, and will continue to be, leaders when it comes to education funding, having increased funding for PreK-12 education by $3.4 billion since 2011.

We will also continue our commitment to building the economy through a better tax and regulatory climate, as well as ensuring our students are trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow. We are equally committed to removing the barriers to employment and self-sufficiency.

The budget process continues next week with the first in a series of House Appropriations Committee hearings to delve into the details of the governor’s plan. For a schedule and live streaming of the hearings, visit

Bills Moving in House State Government Committee

As the newly appointed chair of the House State Government Committee, I plan to provide you with regular updates on legislation the committee will be considering and working on. Here are the bills we considered this week:

Senate Bill 9 designates the Eastern hellbender as the official amphibian of the Commonwealth. The House State Government Committee voted to move Sen. Gene Yaw’s bill out of committee for a floor vote.

House Bill 284 updates and modernizes the History Code regarding records, archives and properties.

House Bill 60 removes all “FUTURE” employees of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission from the State Employees Retirement System as they are NOT state employees. This move will help lower costs of the commission which is largely funded by PA municipalities.

Center for Rural Pennsylvania Board Meeting

On Monday, Feb. 4th, I was re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Center for Rural Pennsylvania’s Board of Directors during its reorganization meeting at the State Capitol for the 2019-20 Legislative Session. I will join fellow officers Sen. Gene Yaw, Chairman; Dr. Nancy Falvo, Secretary and Stephen Brame, Treasurer. The Center is a bipartisan, bicameral legislative agency that serves as a resource for rural policy within the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

A number of Targeted Research Topics for the 2020 Grant Program were approved by the Board during the meeting. A few noteworthy projects approved include an Examination of the Substance Abuse Treatment Workforce in Rural Pennsylvania; Survey of Small Town Police Chiefs to better understand the issues facing “small-town” police departments; Analysis of Municipal Land Use Planning Tools in Rural and Urban Pennsylvania, as well as an Examination of the Mental Health Workforce in Rural Pennsylvania. A number of mini-grants were also awarded.

To learn more about the Center’s work, visit here.

Streamlining Medication Process for Patients and Seniors
House Republicans are continuing their commitment to ensuring the health and welfare of seniors and patients with chronic conditions by making it easier to adhere to their medication schedules.

This week lawmakers passed House Bill 195, which ensures patients can synchronize their medications in order to receive refills on the same day each month, instead of having to make multiple visits to the pharmacy.

This commonsense legislation would put Pennsylvania in line with Medicaid Part D, the PACE Program, and 35 other states that allow medication synchronization.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

2019 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship Program
Is your child looking for scholarships for college? The Pennsylvania House of Representatives' Scholarship Program enhances educational opportunities for eligible students who reside in Pennsylvania. The program provides four-year scholarships to two high school seniors per year.

Read more about the program and the eligibility requirements here. The deadline is March 1.

PA 529 College and Career Savings Program
Through PA 529, families can choose from two plans. The PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) allows families to save for post-secondary education at today’s rate, and the PA 529 Investment Plan (IP) allows families to choose how their contributions are invested from a list of 16 options.

You can learn more about the 529 program at or call 1-800-440-4000.

Sunday Hunting Bill Approved by Senate Game & Fisheries Committee
The Senate Game & Fisheries Committee on Tuesday approved Senate Bill 147, which would empower the Pennsylvania Game Commission to allow Sunday hunting. The Senate will likely pass the legislation and from there it would be considered by House.

Please contact me with your thoughts on Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania. I know this is a hot topic of debate in the outdoorsman community and, as a member of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, I want to make sure every voice is heard.

PFBC Warns Of Rapidly Changing Ice Conditions
The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is cautioning ice anglers and others that changing weather conditions can affect the stability of ice on lakes and ponds.

While freezing temperatures over the past several weeks have allowed ice to form on countless bodies of water across the Commonwealth, the rapid onset of spring-like warmth, even for just a few days, should be considered when venturing out onto the ice.

Remember that ice conditions are not officially monitored by any authority and there is no such thing as “safe ice.”

Read the PFBC warning with more safety steps for venturing onto the ice here.

Trout Stocking Schedule Now Available
Start planning for this year’s fishing season with the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s 2019 Trout Stocking Schedule.

More than 700 streams and 120 lakes will be stocked with nearly 3.2 million adult trout in Pennsylvania rivers and streams that are open to the public for fishing.

About 53 percent of the trout are stocked prior to opening day, 43 percent are stocked between opening day and the end of May, and the remaining 4 percent are stocked from October through February of the following year.

Opening Day of trout season will be Saturday, March 30, for Pennsylvania’s southeastern counties. The rest of the state will open on Saturday, April 13.

Copies of the trout stocking schedules, including a searchable database, can be found online at PFBC website or the PFBC’s “FishBoatPA” mobile app. A limited number of hard copies of the trout stocking schedules may also be obtained at my district office.

Veterans Outreach Hours at My Office
I want to remind the veterans in the 84th District that American Legion Service Officer Dan Falls will be available at my office starting Feb. 26 to meet with them. After this date, he will be available at the office every fourth Tuesday of the month, or by appointment.

Call (570) 546-2084 to schedule an appointment in advance.

Veterans in the 84th Legislative District can also contact MSGT George W. Heiges, Jr. (Ret.), Director of Veterans Affairs, Lycoming County Office of Veterans Affairs at (570) 320-2101 or (570) 327-2365. In Union County, contact Director J.D. Kerstetter, Union County Office of Veterans Affairs at (570) 524-8677.

Services to veterans and their dependents include assistance with:
• Compensation, pension, and death benefits.
• Education and health care.
• Veterans benefits.

Veterans do not need to be a member of the American Legion to receive services.
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