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Wheeland, Everett Blast Governor on Tax Hike Campaign Stop in Williamsport
WILLIAMSPORT – Calling the tax hike campaign tactic of Gov. Tom Wolf “disingenuous at best,” Reps. Jeff C. Wheeland (R-Lycoming) and Garth Everett (R-Lycoming/Union) today said it is time for the governor to stop demanding more money from hard-working taxpayers and get to work with the leaders of the House and Senate to come up with a realistic budget.

“Why this governor continues to promote a tax-raising plan that will hurt our residents is beyond understanding,” said Wheeland. “The House and Senate passed a responsible budget in June which the governor rejected without much thought. Now he comes to Williamsport to claim he is helping taxpayers, which is patently not true.”

Everett said the governor’s tax hikes were rejected by the House in a vote of 193-0, including every member of the governor’s party, showing that there is absolutely no support on either side of the aisle for broad based tax increases. The plan calls for a 21 percent hike in the personal income tax, a 10 percent sales tax increase and a five percent natural gas severance tax.

“The vote count in the House tells the story,” said Everett. “This proves there is no support for raising taxes. It is time that this gubernatorial grandstanding come to an end and show respect for the people who pay the bills in Pennsylvania.”

Wheeland added those tax hikes would be very painful for residents in his district.
“The plain truth is, the residents in the 83rd Legislative District want more money in their paychecks, not less,” said Wheeland.

Everett attacked the election-style campaigning the governor is doing.

“What I find particularly offensive are the mailers and attack ads on television the governor is leveling at many of the moderate Senate and House members across the state,” Everett added. “It is unprecedented to be waging a political campaign in the middle of budget negotiations. Rather than being up here in Williamsport at what amounts to a campaign event, he should be in Harrisburg rolling up his sleeves and working with his staff to come up with a revised budget proposal that is closer to the budget passed by the General Assembly on June 30.”

Wheeland and Everett pointed out that a disproportionate share, 32 percent, of the proposed $500 million in increased in education funding in the Wolf plan would go to one school district – that being Philadelphia. In addition, the education funding plan would require Pennsylvanians to pay $12.7 billion in new taxes in the next two years.

Additionally, Wheeland and Everett said the majority of school district residents in both the 83rd and 84th Legislative Districts would pay more in increased state taxes than they would receive in partial property tax relief. “It’s nothing but a bait and switch scheme with the working taxpayers of rural and small town Pennsylvania paying more to fund the failing big city school districts,” added Everett.

Both representatives reject the natural gas severance tax proposal that eliminates the impact fees already being paid by the drilling companies, and instead, ships that money to Harrisburg.

“Harrisburg does not need more money, the taxpayers pay more than their fair share,” said Wheeland. “Taxes are already being paid by not just the gas companies, but by all businesses in Pennsylvania. To say the drillers are not paying taxes is a lie.”
Everett said a severance tax would slow economic expansion in the drilling areas and cost jobs.

“Natural gas drilling has been adding to the employment rolls in these areas and the impact fees have built new infrastructure as well,” said Everett. “Denying the local areas valuable funds and putting more money into the Harrisburg coffers is just plain wrong.”
The governor has vetoed not only a state budget, but legislation to bring about pension and liquor reform. Wheeland and Everett say all of the tools are available to improve the Commonwealth financially, and should be enacted.

Click these links to see graphics that display property tax relief in your area:
Everett graph
Wheeland graph

Rep. Jeff C. Wheeland
83rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Raymond Smith
House Republican Communications

Rep. Garth D. Everett
84th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Raymond Smith
House Republican Communications
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