Apr. 18, 2019

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Legislative Report
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Helping to Put More Domestic Abusers Behind Bars
Continuing the commitment to protecting crime victims, the House this week approved Rep. Torren Ecker’s bill to ensure victims of strangulation get the justice they deserve.

Prior to a 2016 law, strangulation could only be charged as a misdemeanor assault in Pennsylvania. Act 111 made it a criminal offense, and according to law enforcement officials across the state, the law has helped put more domestic abusers behind bars.

House Bill 854 builds on that progress by fully incorporating strangulation into our laws, ensuring any prior strangulation conviction will be recognized and considered in subsequent cases.

Passing this bill continues the push by House Republicans to protect the victims of crime. You can learn more about House Republicans protecting victims here

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.

April is Crime Victims Awareness Month

On Wednesday, I participated in a press event with the House Republican Caucus that promoted our victims rights package of legislation that passed the House. Rep. Sheryl Delozier spoke about Marsy’s law, her bill which would create a victims bill of rights for the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Pension Forfeiture for Sex Offenses
Working to ensure public officials and employees are held fully accountable for their actions, the House approved legislation this week that would force them to forfeit their taxpayer-funded pensions if they are convicted of committing a sexual offense.

The bill builds on Act 1 of 2019, which requires any public official who is convicted of a felony to forfeit his or her pension.

Under House Bill 991, public employees and officials – including elected officials – would lose their pension if convicted of offenses such as indecent assault, indecent exposure or unlawful dissemination of an intimate image (commonly referred to as revenge porn).

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.

Register to Vote for May Primaries by Monday
Don’t forget that Monday is the deadline to register to vote in the May 21 primary! Republicans and Democrats will choose general election candidates for judicial, county and local races. The general election is Nov. 5.

Constituents Get Informed During Telephone Townhall
Last night, I called my constituents in Lycoming and Union counties to inform them about pressing issues currently being discussed in Harrisburg and state services, as well as to answer any questions or concerns. The call was a great success with over 1600 people answering my call and tuning into our discussion. I look forward to holding another telephone townhall in the future, as keeping my constituents informed and hearing about any issues they are having is of the utmost importance to me.

Small Business Roundtable in Wellsboro
On Thursday of last week, I participated in a roundtable discussion with the House GOP Policy Committee in Wellsboro. We heard input from small businesses and are looking forward to working together to help our job-creator community thrive in Pennsylvania!

April is ‘Donate Life Month’
April 2019 is “Donate Life Month” in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, about 8,000 people are on the organ donation waiting list and, on average, every 18 hours one of them will die waiting for the call that never comes.

The encouraging news is that more people are making the decision to “donate life.” About 4.7 million Pennsylvanians have said yes to organ and tissue donation by adding the donor designation on their driver’s license. More than 138 million Americans are registered donors.

In addition, Pennsylvania driver’s license and ID card holders can support organ donation programs with a voluntary donation of $3 at the time of application or renewal. To date, nearly $14 million has been generously donated to the fund.

More information is available at donatelifepa.org.

Happy Easter!
I want to wish everyone celebrating Easter this weekend peace, joy and to have a blessed and holy Easter. I hope my constituents have a safe and wonderful holiday with their family. He is risen!

I also want to remind constituents that my district office is closed today and tomorrow for the Easter weekend holiday. We will be back open Monday morning.

Bills that Passed Out of State Government Committee
Below are a list of bills that passed out of the House State Government Committee of which I serve as chairman.

House Bill 57 abolishes outdated boards, commissions, and other entities established by law.

House Bill 1181 amends the Breach of Personal Information Notification Act (BPINA). This legislation will add further protections to help safeguard our constituents when there is a data breach.

House Bill 985 creates qualifications for the Department of the Auditor General, for new department employees, for current department employees, for employee certification, for forensic audits, for fraud audits and for committee standards.

House Bill 57 would create a better government by eliminating obvious areas of inefficiency and redundancy in state government. This includes eliminating the state’s many outdated and unnecessary boards and commissions, and also merging some government agencies.

House Bill 1053 establishes the Lean State Government Act. Would require a performance audit of major State agencies, continuing performance audits of major State agencies, creates duties of major State agencies and requires progress report by major State agencies.

House Bill 619 establishes a holiday observance of June 19 as "Juneteenth National Freedom Day" in this Commonwealth.

House Bill 1180 would repeal the following antiquated acts:
• Act 308 of 1933 which regulates the playing of music on Sundays and payments for performances on Sundays.
• Act 211 of 1935 which regulates motion picture exhibitions on Sundays.

House Bill 1179 would also repeal Act 211.

House Bill 1174 repeals Act 49 of 1933, known as the Sunday Baseball and Football Law.

Veterans Outreach Hours at My Office
I want to remind the veterans in the 84th District that American Legion Service Officer Dan Falls is available at my Muncy office to meet with them. Dan stops by every fourth Tuesday of the month, or by appointment.

Call (570) 546-2084 to schedule an appointment in advance.

Veterans in the 84th Legislative District can also contact retired MSGT George W. Heiges, Jr., director of Lycoming County Office of Veterans Affairs at (570) 320-2101 or (570) 327-2365. In Union County, contact Director J.D. Kerstetter, Union County Office of Veterans Affairs at, (570) 524-8677.

Services to veterans and their dependents include assistance with:
• Compensation, pension, and death benefits.
• Education and health care.
• Veterans benefits.

Veterans do not need to be a member of the American Legion to receive services.

Have an Issue or Concern?
If you are a resident of the 84th District and need assistance with a state agency, please feel free to contact my Muncy office at 570-546-2084. One of my staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

Stay in Touch with Me on Social Media
You can stay up to date on my latest news and activities by visiting my House website, repeverett.com, or my official Facebook page. You can watch my House floor speeches and press interviews at my YouTube channel HERE.
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